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MyMedicalPayments is an online tool for making medical payments

When you are looking for an option online to pay your doctor, there is something which will make you rely on a website which is related to medical payments – the website is This site  enables the payments to be done on a secure note with the required aspects filled up accordingly and which is eventually used to be paid within the time specified.

How does help?

This site enables the user to easily access the information relating to the medical bills once the patient has her or his account on the site and in the course of assisting the patient to enrol in the Mymedicalpayments and enjoy the benefits of paying through the said site, it helps the patients to have access to a safe and easy payment option.

How to login

In case you want to know the procedure of logging into the Mymedicalpayments site, here is an overview and detailed information as to what is the required steps to be followed and thereby pay the bills due to the doctor based on theprescription provided by the doctor.

In other words, if you are intending to make the medical payments to your doctors, you have to just put in your mymdecial payments’ account number or the prescription provided by the doctor and the patient visit date. Once you did that you get on to be assisted with the information as mentioned below which will help you meet the requirements of paying your doctor online.

Here is the information for you to look into so that you can know the process of login and utilize the facility of the site in order to make the payments of medical bills to your doctor with much ease and safety.

To make payments you have to present your ‘ secure account number’ and the arrival date of the patient. Now you are ready with the details that are enough to make the payments to the doctors who have done the treatments for you.

Steps to login to the mymedicalpayments site

We have to login to the site of Mymedical payments with the following steps in mind:

  • First check the internet connection so that you are sure to be connected
  • Next enter the site’s name on the browser which is and once you enter the site you can see the ‘Sign Up’ option which can be used for logging in with the your account number of ‘mymedical payments’.
  • To find the account number you should click on the option ‘Where’s My Account Number’
  • The picture of the financial statement will show your account number as required for logging into the site
  • Now confirm your identity and choose from three options – last four digits of an individual’s social security number or individual’s date of birth or individual’s phone number.
  • Make sure to use any one of the above options so as to make the transactions much easier
  • Now, enter your last four digits of the individual’s SSN from the specified field.
  • In order to confirm the terms and conditions, click on the check box as provided on the page
  • It’s time to go through the  terms and state section by clicking the link “Terms & Conditions” and once you read all the terms and conditions check the box so as to continue process
  • Finally click on”Sign in” option so as to complete the process of logging in. Apart from this you have to follow the directions provided therein so that you can make a secure medical payment.

MymedicalPayments contacts

You can call the MyMedicalPayments customer care at 800-355-2470 to clarify any of the questions relating to the ‘logging into the site’.

You can complete the MyMedicalPayment online contact form in case you want to get any of the contacts required for the business. Find the contacts as below:

  • Create new account:
  • Online Login/Sign in
  • Forgot Password Link:

The above information is for the benefit of the readers so that they are able to know the login details relating to mymedical and use the same for logging in without any hassles.

Also it enables the patients to be updated on the bills and it helps the payments to be made by them on a much secured online platform.

Get on your browser and get signed up for the site so that you can be free from the thought of issues you are facing relating to the mode of paying your medical bills and thereby enjoy the benefits through online as well.

Moreover, this is the aspect which will enable the process being perfect on the board of payment online.

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