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MyWakeHealth: If you are one of those who worry about scheduling consultation with the doctor or are looking for managing your medical reports, payment of bills, seeing on the prescriptions or anything which you would want an assistance to be given medically, then here is a site that will help you on the same.

The Wake Forest Baptist Health Organization offers a free source for you through their portal that gives you the health care management services and which can be availed throughout the country. The portal myWakeHealth also aims to improve the health of people by locating the issues faced by them.

You have to just sign up an account on the portal so as to manage and keep a check on your health care apart from keeping of records intact relating to it. Also, an on-call health service is provided for free which serves as a free call for the people where they can call and clear their general enquiries relating to the health.

In case you are facing with an issue relating to your health that requires specific person skilled in treating it, in such a case, you can register your request and the people concerned will get back to your with a solution.

About portal

The uses one can get from the above said portal is as mentioned below:

  • Messages: You will be able to receive messages from your doctor when you have requested the option
  • Test Results: You are now able to receive your medical test results online through the site and also you are free from waiting for your medical results in the hospital or getting a letter related to the tests.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Appointments are scheduled easily by just a click away with the help of this portal which means you can manage your appointments sitting at home or work
  • Summaries: You can also get the doctor’s summaries in case you missed any important advices from the doctor
  • Reminders: You can also get reminders relating to your bills, test results or medications and much more through this portal
  • Queries: You can ask any kind of queries to your doctors or nurses relating to your doubts or health through the portal
  • Bill payment made easy: Pay your hospital bills online by logging into the portal with the required information
  • Know your health better: You can view a graphical outset relating to your Blood Pressure or Sugar levels so that you know where you stand.

Services provided by myWakeHealth:

  • You can renew your prescription
  • The health on-call service assists you with the queries relating to your health and these queries are answered by the registered nurses instantly
  • It forecasts the visit which is based on the previous schedules of appointment
  • You can access and view your test results from your mobile app or the myWakeHealth website as well
  • Pay your hospital bills and manage it along with knowing the summaries from your doctors about your visit

How to sign up for myWakeHealth

Here are the steps to sign up for myWakeHealth:

  • First step is to click on the link of myWakeHealth
  • The activation code given on the visit summary has to be then provided
  • In case you are a new patient, then you have to send a mail requesting for an activation code
  • If you lose or your activation code is expired or there is no delivery of it, then click on this link – and continue with the registration process
  • Now provide your SSN number and your date of birth
  • Once all the details are filled, you have to confirm your username and password in order to login to your account. This way your account will be created
  • Once the registration is successful, you can login to your myWakeHealth from anywhere and at anytime as per your comfort

Billing and Payments on myWakeHealth

  • You can pay your medical bills from your registered account on myWakeHealth by following the below steps:
  • You can pay your medical bills with your credit or debit cards by logging into your registered account on the portal
  • You can make cash payment after visiting the provider based on the scheduling done by you
  • Online banking can also be used to pay your medical bills which is done through myWaveHealth account and bank account

Forgot Username and Password

  • First, Click on the link here –
  • Next, you have to provide your identity details in order retrieve your login details accordingly.
  • Once you do the same you will be able to retrieve the details and login again

Customer care of myWakeHealth for support

  • The mobile app of the portal is also available for assistance
  • Click on the official website of myWakeHealth at –
  • You can send your queries relating to any general aspects of health by mailing them to
  • You can also report if you come across any technical issues to
  • You can call 855-560-5111, 888-716-9253 for any kind of consultation or appointment
  • Health On-Call service can be reached at 800-446-2255 (toll free), 336-716-2255

Some details about myWakeHealth:

  • The portal myWakeHealth is a free source of online service which is provided by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in order to keep a track on the health of people
  • Sign up for activation code or otherwise:

You can sign up with an activation code (which is mentioned on the summary).

Again, you can also sign up without an activation code by sending a mail in this regard. We recommend however not to share your medical test results to anybody

However, if it is a minor, then the parents can proxy the same up to 12 years.

Request for account sign up:

  • You have to send a mail requesting for an account sign up and this process may take 5-7 days for the account to be created
  • You can sign up online without the activation code if it is not mandatory by instantly signing for an account accordingly
  • Avail the facility to view your medical reports electronically on the portal. If you want to appoint a proxy to view your medical records then fill a form filled for the same and send it to:

Health information management,

4th Floor, South Building,

Medical Center Boulevard,

Winston- Salem NC – 27157

Fax – 336-716-5271

For more information apart from the one mentioned above to call the customer care at 855-560-5111.

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