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PayMyDoctor is a Platform For Paying Medical Bills online. Their website is

Amidst the fast pace of life we experience a relief to pay our bills online is a ‘blessing in disguise’. In this respect, in order to pay your medical bills here is a digital platform which will enable you to enjoy the facility of paying the bills online and is not only fast but also secure.

So, PayMyDoctor is here to assist you with the payment of your medical bills with their user-friendly options that will make it easy for you go about it and complete the transaction online successfully with less effort.

We will go through the steps that will help you to have an account on this platform and you can start using it when required.

In other words, the hospital bills or your clinic bills can be cleared by just a click away.

This is the right time for you decide to open an account on the and to be free from the worry of paying your medical bills online. Create an account here and use the site for easy payments of your medical bills.

Below is mentioned the complete details relating to the creation of the login and use of this site.

About PayMyDoctor

The Pay My Doctor website is an amazing source that provides you with the option of paying your medical bills once you register. Lot of patients registered in the website have availed the facility to pay their medical bills and benefited from the portal with the option of paying online which meant ‘payment possible from anywhere’.

People from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and the United States of America can enjoy free services from Pay My Doctor platform. The Paymydoctor Client website is bought by an American company, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions.

The company offers, to over 10 million of patients with their health records accessibility along with the physician practices ranging to over 45, 000 apart from 1,80,000 physicians, 2,500 hospitals, 19,000 post acute agencies, 40,000 in-home clinicians, 100,000 electronic prescribing physicians and most of all 7.2 million patients who are availing the facility through Allscripts FollowMyHealth Patient Engagement platform.

The Pay My Doctor platform is created to make the payment option easy for the patients and is in line with getting the best service to them with the said services being adapted based on the requirements of the patients.

Benefits of Paymydoctor

The features and benefits of are given below for your reference so as to make it easier for you to login and enjoy the benefits through their site:

  • Firstly, the platform does not charge you any fee
  • You can pay the medical bills on this platform which is much faster and easier as well
  • The client who is registered on this platform can view his or her history of transaction apart from downloading it
  • Your information as a registered user is safe with the portal through the ‘Multiple security layers’
  • You can make the payment of your medical bills through credit card or debit card or even through internet banking option
  • You can also pay your bills without logging into

The above facilities are provided by the portal for the patients to enjoy the benefit of paying their medical bills without any hindrance.

Enrollment on the Pay My Doctor

If you want enroll on the follow the below mentioned steps:

  • First visit the official website of
  • Now fill in the requirements as mentioned on the site
  • Now click on the button that says ‘Next
  • Once you do this, your paymydoctor account is created automatically
  • Once the enrollment is done successfully make a note of your login id and password for future reference

The enrollment on the portal of enables you to easily access your bills and pay it with freedom of enjoying the online benefits.

You can visit the website of to know more about the enrollment.

Paymydoctor Pay Bills

Now it’s time to know about paying your medical bills online through the site:

Steps to pay the bills through

  • You may have to select your favorite browser to start the enrollment
  • Once you have selected the browser, then type in
  • This will take you to a page where you can see the option of paymydoctor login
  • Here, login with your account number and login Id
  • Once you do that fill in your amount due on the medical bill
  • There is a button called ‘submit’ which you have to then click
  • Once this is done and the transaction is completed, take a print out of the same for your reference

By following the above steps you are able to pay your medical bills with much easier options availed to you on the site of

Forget Login ID and Password

How to retrieve your login id or password in case you forget:

Apart from all the above information, another important aspect to be spoken about is the ‘Forget password’.

In case you forget your Login id or password, follow the below steps to retrieve it:

  • The first step is to go to the home page of the Pay My Doctor portal
  • Once you are on the site’s page, you will see a button stating ‘forgot username or password
  • When you click on the option as per your requirement, enter your email id in order to retrieve your password or user id
  • Once you got it click on the ‘submit’ button
  • When this option is clicked you will be redirected to the page where you can reset your password or id accordingly.

The above mentioned steps will enable you to recover your password or id whichever you are looking for, with less effort. Hence follow them precisely and as per the instructions in order to complete the process successfully.

Payment of medical bills without logging into the site of Pay My Doctor

Again, you can make the payment of your medical bills without logging into the site of To do so, one has to make sure that the same account number is entered as mentioned on the statement of the medical bill so that no discrepancies are cited while initiating the payment.

Here are some of the links that make it easier for you to make your online medical bill payment and which also saves a lot of your time:



Online login:

To create an account:

Forgot password link:

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