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Are you been tired of standing in queues to get a bill paid and have wished that you could get an option of making payments from home?

Those were the days of wishing and here are the days that have brought it to reality.

When we talk about paying bills and more importantly the medical bills, a little extra is expected by us to figure out a chance or an option to make payments easier.

In the line of such an expectation, Peryourhealth is one such platform that has heard you right and has come out with its online platform which has made paying medical bills much accessible and easier.

The portal assists you with not only the payment of your medical bills but also the utility bills along with the option to do a fund transfer.

So, let’s get into knowing this portal and its uses better.

The platform of Peryourhealth is user-friendly. In other words, in case you forget your password, the portal will help you to retrieve it apart from assisting you to register on the portal so as to avail the facilities.

About Peryourhealth

As discussed above the Per your health is a portal through which you can pay all your medical bills online. The same can be paid through two sources, one is through phone and the other one is through online.

The benefits of Per your health portal, are lined as below:

  • Pay your medical bills from anywhere through this portal
  • The portal serves you 24/7
  • Get the option to be notified and view your history statements
  • Your balance amount due can be checked once you login
  • Above all it is secure and fast

What is required to use Per your health Portal?

The basic requirements that come into picture in order to use the portal of Per your health is the Registered Id that appears on the patient’s bill.

Note: You should have an e-mail id and mobile number in order to start a fresh account in case of forgetting the details of login.

Payment methods used for paying of your medical bills through Per your health:

Coming to the point of paying your medical bills, you are free to follow any of the following payment methods:

One of the important things required to pay your medical bills through this portal would be to have your email id ready and also a confirmation from the medical providers or the hospital that they accept the payment of the bills through Per your health portal.

Once the above is confirmed you can follow the below mentioned steps to pay your medical bills through the portal:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection in place along with your computer or laptop or any source that you are using and the same is connected to the internet
  • Next open the browser and visit the Peryourhealth portal at
  • If you are a registered user at the portal then put in your login id or the registered id and login.
  • If you are not a registered user at the portal then use the account number that appears on the statement of the bill
  • Also, make sure that your medical provider accepts bill payment through the Peryourhealth portal
  • Details about the patient and bill are collected from the account number on the bill statement. Once the account number is entered the portal fetches the information relating to the account number and proceeds accordingly with the payment of the bill amount
  • Your valid email address has to be provided in order to get the statement to your email id
  • Next, choosing the payment option would be between net banking, credit card, debit card, which you can choose from as per your convenience
  • Once you do that, you have to then enter the banking details that forms the medium to pay the bill
  • Before proceeding with the payment, check the details again
  • Once you complete the payment, you will receive the confirmation of the payment done on your email.

Pay Peryourhealth Bills via mobile

You can make the payments of the medical bills through the Per your health portal on your mobile as well. Again, confirm with the medical provider as to whether they accept payment of medical bills through the said portal,

Follow the steps below to make the payment of bills via phone through the portal:

  • To make the payment through the phone you have call the phone bill payment service at 888-442-8447 which is provided by Per your health
  • The representative there will ask you the account number of the medical statement and the same has to be entered by you through your phone keypad
  • Once your payment is initiated, the representative will ask you to select the option which you want to choose for the payment
  • Next provide your payment details such as net banking, credit/debit cards
  • On completion of the payment you will receive an SMS on your mobile stating that your transaction is successful.

Payment of medical bills through

One can make the payment of medical bills directly from the site of Per your health. Make sure to login or register there with the registered ID. The register ID can be found on the statement of the patient. Many of the hospitals are associated with the site and this makes it even easier for the patients to pay their bills.

  • The first step is to enter the official site of Peryourhealth which is Here
  • The home page provides you with the information relating to the login information that is required to login to your account on the portal
  • Login to your account with your account number
  • Next enter your ID in the box provided and then click on ‘Continue
  • The next step would be to enter the password. Enter a password which you will remember and proceed further by clicking on the ‘Submit’ button
  • Now you can login to your Peryourhealth account and make or check the payments online.

Register on

Registering through the is very easy. Enter the registration id that appears on the bill statement of the patient and sign up.

Forget password assistance on Peryourhealth

It happens many a times with us that we tend to forget the id or password that are required for the login aspect on a site and if that happens to you in case of the portal Peryourhealth, then here is the solution for it:

  • Click on the ‘forget your registration ID’ link in order to retrieve the password appearing on the screen of Peryourhealth
  • Next, enter your account number from the patient statement of invoice and click on ‘Continue’ (in the User Id Recovery)
  • Now you will get a mail on your registered email id, which will enable the ‘forgot password’ and assist you in resetting your password.
  • Finally, you will have the ‘password reset’ done successfully and you can start using the login details on the portal.

Customer care of Peryourhealth

Visit the website Or call the customer care number of Peryourhealth at (855) 853-7242 to clarify your querries.

Peryourhealth is located at:

7234 S. Lewis Ave, Tulsa, OK 74136. 

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