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Target Pay and Benefits: Here is source which is available for your help in terms of finance or health that is based on your position at

The base for this is calculated as per the number of hours (involving the average hours) and time with Target that allows you to enjoy benefits accordingly.

In other words, if you are looking for assistance on your health and finance then Target is the right place to look for as it aims at identifying issues and values individuals coming together with the idea to serve the guests.

The eligible candidates can get benefits from the Apart from this, also offers various retirement plans, pension plans along with different welfare benefits.

Again, the candidates are able to get Target Benefits, and a lot of discounts under the programs offered by Target.

The 401 (k) Plan offers the candidates with the defined benefit pension plan, stock bonus, and profit sharing and defined contribution pension plan.

You can also get time off, pay, health well-being and also financial well-being.

Benefits of Targetpayandbenefits

The benefits offered by Target to its employees relating to the health care are with a vision and account-based medical plans.

It also offers team member life resources, health care flexible spending account, Livongo Disease Management program, Rx Savings solutions –

Save on prescription costs, Flu shots, Well being rewards through Rally, Grand Rounds – Find a Doctor and get expert medical advice, BridgeHealth, Maternity support program, and NurseLine. 

Medical based on Account

There are two national account based medical plans which are administered under the UnitedHealthCare along with the other two regional plans offered in the chosen states. 

The choice is yours between the Health Reimbursement Plan or The Health Savings account. Both these offer you pharmacy that help to cover your medications such as brand, generic, and specialty drugs. 

The Vision Plan

UnitedHealthCare is a plan which if enrolled in offers you with the plan of covering the cost relating to glasses or contact lens in case of eye issues

Dental help

The Target Company also offers the coverage for dental coverage through the Delta Dental. The plans include – basic, standard, and enhanced. It gives 100 percent coverage for your preventive care services thereby offering respective plans depending on the type of service.

Flexible Spending Amount on HealthCare

You have to determine the help to be eligible for medical, vision, and dental expenses. Again, to be enrolled in HealthCare FSA an enrollment in Target sponsored medical plan is not required.

The Team Member Life Resources

Facilities such as – confidential counseling, support, and information through TMLR 24 hours a day, all days in a week are available under this for you and your family members. It also provides you in dealing with stress, managing money, and developing a health dinner menu. 

Grand Rounds:

This facility can be availed when you are looking for a doctor or have a diagnosis which is required including the treatment as such.

Rx Savings Solution – Save on Prescription Costs

You can save money on the prescriptions with the help of suggestions which are personalized and include price shopping, tablet splitting or even dosage form or therapeutic alternatives. This means it offers you a complete medical assistance with the help when required at an economic aspect involved.

Livongo Disease Management Program

In case you are facing the type 1 or type 2 diabetes, then the Livingo Disease Management Program offers you with supplies for free, inclusive of tools, and a support personally that is provided to face the situation and manage the condition that your are currently in.

Maternity Support Program

The most important part of assistance through medical for the women through Maternity Support Program is offered here and can be availed with a lot of allocated support. It is regarded as the best program offered to women since it includes all that which is required under the support.

Well-Being Rewards through Rally

Rally service is something which can be enrolled in, by you and your spouse or even a domestic partner can earn the account dollars in order to meet the expenses of healthcare and those who are not enrolled under the can earn virtually the Rally coins and win lot of prizes.

Financial Well-Being

Avail the Target Financial Well-Being with Target’s program. You can get benefits such as TGT 401 (K), pension, Life Insurance, identity theft protection, Direct Deposit, short term and long-term disability, Daycare flexible spending account and Group legal. 

Daycare Flexible Spending Amount

The enrollment of eHR or inside TargetPay andBenefits is made easier and also you can save on tax on your paycheck that will qualify the service or daycare amount spent when you are at work to be covered accoridngly.

Also, you can get your pay electronically through the Union account or pay card. 

TGT 401 (K) Plan of Target Pay And Benefits

The Target 401 (K) plan will match up to 5% of the dollar up dollar contributions and under this the candidates should be eligible with the age being 18 years old and should have completed 1000 service hours.

The  prior 401 (k) balances can be enrolled by the newly coming in team members when they are hired new even before the eligibility criteria of Target’s plan starts.

The ‘Tax-deferred execution team savings plan’ allows the choice of team members and enables a saving beyond their 401(K) limit.

The pension plan benefits are also available for the team members who were hired before 2009 and who meet working hours and minimum service requirements 

Life Insurance – Targetpayandbenefits

The insurance plans that can be purchased can be up to 8 times of your annual pay and also a life insurance for your spouse or domestic partner including the children is eligible under the Targetpaybenefits option.

This helps you to protect your family members especially when you are faced with financial difficulty or are under the loss of losing a member of the family.

Short term and Long-term Disability

Employees are also eligible for the Disability insurance which will cover the employee when an employee cannot work when he is sick or injured and in this case a percentage of the pay is ought to be paid accordingly to the employee.

The short-term disability enables an automatic enrollment of the said benefit and you are covered under the same in such cases.  All this is paid by Target.

On the other hand the long-term disability insurance starts over 150 calendar days of an approved and qualified short-term disability. The age and current salary will decide about the coverage and premiums which are collected as a deduction from the paycheck.

Identity Theft Protection

In case of the identity being compromised, this insurance is used in order to be free of any anxiety. Again, it provides you with the features which at a lower rate you cannot find or know by yourself.

Critical Illness, Accident, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance

This insurance will help you with the protection by providing funds and costs of medical or non-medical and many other unplanned costs.

Enrollment in the plans such as the critical illness or accident or hospital indemnity insurance plans, will enable you get coverage of the same during any such occurrence.

Pay and Time Off

In order to support the goals that relate to wellness which is out of work will be done through this plan and the benefits in this regard may be enjoyed.

Group Legal

This group legal plan will make you to avail with the services relating to real estate, debt related matters, traffic and criminal, personal injury and also identity theft protection.


The Target Company always respects the efforts of the employees and hence it offers performance culture and market competitive pay so as to ensure the retaining of high performance attributes and teams with diversified attitude towards the work. This mainly involves the competitive base pay and a variable pay programs to eligible team members so as to reward both the individual and corporate performances.

Parental Leave

During the time of giving birth to kids, parents who are adopting, parents via surrogacy, or foster parents, a plan called the time off plan can be availed by the employees.

A checklist offered by the company that includes the contact information and various tips to be followed while on leave and managing your child is also provided here.

In case of hourly team member working at Target, your benefits will be reviewed every year before you are in the new benefit plan year. 

The average hours of calculation will be based on the 12 months. You can get the information relating to your average pay as well as the benefits you are eligible for in eHR or insideTGT and click on MyPay and view pay statement. 


To take a time-off you are very much able to do under the Target’s time-off plan and this includes personal holiday, national holidays, vacation, well-being time, and bereavement. Also, the candidates who are eligible get extra paid time-off so as to complete the well-being activities.

More Well-Being Offers and Discounts

You can get lot more discounts and offers that are offered for you and your family members by TargetPayandBenefits.

Team Member Life Resources

Under this you can get confidential counseling, support, and information through TMLR 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Be it dealing with money, or how to deal with stress, or even developing a healthy dinner menu all is here which is provided with the required support.


As it is believed that every day is learning, the skill development and many other aspects which are never ending learning in our lifetime the plan of education fits in better. Hence, tuition reimbursement, student loan refinancing, and GED reimbursement is provided under the plan of Education. 

Also, Target will assist in paying for job-related courses at an accredited technical school, college or university.

It provides you with an annual reimbursement amount in terms of the course you have opted.

GED reimbursement plan

An equivalent program on degree is provided under the General Educational Developmental plan 


You will be able to get more discounts that will enable you to manage your financial as well as health requirements.

Student loan refinancing 

TargetPayandbenefits enables shortening the loan term, helps in avoiding high interest, and helps to simplify the monthly bills with the means of consolidation and paying of costs apart from payoff speed with the help of numerous payment options.

Team member discount 

You, your spouse or your domestic help can avail discount of 10% on all the Target stores or if you are an employee at

My Discounts website 

If you are a team member of Target Company, you can get discounts at different places. This website offers discounts on cell phones, computers, clothing, fitness centers, vacation, child care, and lot more items.

Wellness discount 

Get 20% discount on all fresh and frozen products and veggies including the balanced and C9 items at or all Target in-stores. 

Savvy Money 

The Savvy Money Financial well-being tool offered by Target Credit Union helps the team members to know the personal best score and have access to best rates so that they can know about their credit score to apply for loans.

Fitness Discounts 

Target has partnered with different nationwide fitness centers so as to provide discounts on the enrollment fee and also dues that are due on monthly basis.

Commuter Benefit 

The enrollment under the Commuter Benefit will enable you to pay work-related commuting costs before-tax payroll deductions. This benefit can be used for regional rail, bus, subway or ferry, and parking at work or near public transportation place for your commute. 


Weightwatchers is accessible by you and your spouse or domestic partner and in the event you can receive 50 percent of reimbursement on Weight Watchers meetings or online program

Auto & Home Insurance Benefit 

With this benefit, you will be able to get 15 percent off at several of the nation’s leading insurance companies. 

Adoption reimbursement program 

The Adoption reimbursement program will cover the eligible team members where it covers fees including filing, application, or agency costs as well as court costs, immigration and translation fees. Well-being webinars 

Child care discounts 

This has been designed with the motive of providing primary child care and affordable back-up child care.

The final note

On the whole you and your family will get well-being webinars on 

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